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Who are Aid 1st Training?

Aid 1st Training is led by a passionate, highly motivated, dedicated professional paramedic who brings extensive hands-on experience in providing comprehensive and effective patient-centred care. This includes assessment, management, treatment and transport of any medical or traumatic event within the pre-hospital environment.

Over 15 years of ambulance service and has completed over ten years as a paramedic including qualified specialist paramedic. With a keen interest in training others including within the ambulance service, they strive to be a detail-oriented, observant, proactive, and resourceful previous paramedic clinical team leader.

With a grounded educational background with a PG Cert in Advancing Paramedic Practice, a BSc in Professional Development (Paramedic Science), BTEC Level 4 Paramedic Practice, and several other qualifications which, combined, have sharpened the skills and capabilities.

They also have experience in patient transport, accident/emergency, air-wing and specialist roles in emergency, primary and urgent care and also an active role with health and safety during their career with various qualifications including a NEBOSH national certificate in safety and health.

Full instructor qualifications have been obtained for various first aid qualifications as well as holding a nationally recognised certificate for teaching and assessing in education.



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 Hospital experienced first aid trainer.

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 Your trainer has over 15 years’ experience as a paramedic.

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 Practical, hands-on training with modern equipment.





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