First Aid Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions relating to workplace first aid. If you have any questions that are not covered please do get in touch.

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Do all employers have to have first aiders?


All employers are responsible for ensuring their employees receive immediate attention if they become ill or injured at work. Although the law does not stipulate that all employers must train first aiders, in many cases the guidance does advise this.





How do I assess whether I have to train first aiders in my organisation?


Firstly, consult guidance from the UK Health and Safety Executive. This sets out how many first aiders your organisation should have, dependent on its size and risks. You will also need to carry out a risk assessment. This will take into account the equipment your employees’ use, the nature of their work and any other factors that could affect workplace safety.

If your organisation is large, and if your employees work with hazardous equipment or chemicals, it is highly likely that having first aiders will be necessary.

If you are a small organisation where your workers are deemed to be at low risk, it may be adequate to have a first aid box, as well as an ‘appointed person’ who will make arrangements to assist the injured person and although there is no training required for an appointed person the emergency first aid course covers all recommendations.

If, after your risk assessment, you feel you are not obliged to provide first aid training, you may still want to consider it. This is because an emergency can arise even in ‘low risk’ environments. This includes breathing problems, choking, fainting, slips trips and falls or sudden illness.





Does every workplace have to have a first aid kit?


The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance states that every workplace should have a first aid kit. This guidance is not the law. However, it is a legal requirement to provide ‘immediate attention’ to injured employees. Therefore, it is highly advisable to comply with this advice in order to avoid breaking the law.





What are the different types of first aid at work training?


There are two main types of first aid training at work. They are the first aid at work qualification and the emergency first aid at work qualification. The latter training equips the employee to give emergency first aid. The former training includes the same content, but it also trains the employee to help with a number of specific illnesses and injuries and ensures they are competent with the required knowledge and skills for workplace incidents.